Learn how to create a smooth, high-quality digital guest experience using  hyper-personalisation to drive conversions across all stages of the guest journey. Empower your entire team to take ownership of the upselling process to scale your results, drive more revenue and delight your guests. 

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. How to complete this course successfully

    1. Introduction: What impacts the digital upselling experience?

    2. What is the digital experience and how does it impact buying behaviour?

    3. Functionality factors

    4. UX flaws will kill your conversions

    5. Psychology factors

    6. Content factors

    7. Assignment: Optimise your imagery

    8. Checklist: Creating The Best Upsell Offer

    9. The Anatomy of a Successful Upsell Deal

    10. Branding, consistency & relevancy

    11. Quiz: How to create a consistent, high-quality guest experience

    1. Introduction to hyper-personalisation

    2. Segmentation

    3. Why segmentation is the first step to a more personalised guest experience?

    4. Personalisation

    5. Hyper personalisation

    6. Hyper personalisation: Right guest

    7. Hyper personalisation: Right channel

    8. Hyper personalisation: Right offer

    9. Assignment: Create 3 hyper-personlised offers

    10. Hyper personalisation: Right price

    11. Hyper personalisation: Right time

    12. Quiz: Hyper personalisation

    1. Introduction to the five stages of the guest journey

    2. Upselling during booking

    3. Pre-stay upselling

    4. Upselling at check-in

    5. Front-desk vs. pre-stay upselling

    6. In-stay upselling

    7. Post-stay upselling

    8. Assignment: Create relevant upsell offers for every stage of the guest journey

    9. Quiz: Upselling across the full guest journey

    1. Introduction to scaling your upselling program

    2. Involve all teams

    3. How to organise an 'Upsell Meeting'

    4. Automate operations

    5. How to streamline your hotel operations

    6. Testing and optimising

    7. Assignment: Test your upsells

    8. Optimise pricing

    9. Dynamic Room Upgrade Pricing

    10. Use an upsell tool

    11. Quiz: Scaling your upselling strategy

    1. Going green with upselling

    2. Reducing climate impact

    3. Download: Potential impact of changing your menu

    4. Case studies

    5. How to involve guests

    6. Milestones

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